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Contact Number

4 Step Process

For the Insured or the Insurance Adjuster

Step 1: Contact Us with your Claim
Please be prepared to tell us:
  • Claim number
  • Call the Insurance Carrier to
    Start the Process
  • Your contact information
  • Length of temporary relocation & special needs
  • If a hotel is needed

We will then explain how the process works. Our team will address any special needs. Within 24 hours, we will locate at least one accommodation of like, kind, and quality for your for your consideration.

Step 2: Approval
  • We will work within the budgeted amount
  • Advise insured & insurance company details on the accommodations
  • Schedule a viewing of the property
  • Work with the landlord and parties to arrange lease terms while completing all paperwork and payments
  • Assist with other needed services such as phone, electric, and more
  • Arrange for leasing and delivery of all furnishings, appliances and housewares
Step 3: Approve Lease Extension or Termination

We track and log all lease dates, and contact all parties including the insured, insurance company and landlord.

If the lease needs to be extended, we will:
  • Arrange extension with the landlord
  • Arrange the furniture & appliance extension with vendors
  • Keep all parties updated with lease dates
  • Pick-up all furnishings, appliances and housewares
  • Complete returns and close out
Step 4: Process Invoice

Invoice insurance company directly for your piece of mind.